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Sims Medieval kid’s objects converted to Sims 3

Omega Star has converted a couple more Sims Medieval objects for Sims 3. There is a doll using the mesh of a Medieval baby to put in the converted Medieval crib and a teddy bear which can be used in the same way as the bear from the base game.

Doll and teddy bear


More Sims Medieval objects converted to Sims 3

Omega Star has converted a few more Medieval objects to deco or small toys for Sims 3.

Bassinets – Deco Only

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Sims Medieval to Sims 3 Object Conversions

So I thought I would share my Sims Medieval conversion finds on my own blog (they have already been published by SimPrograms). Now onto object conversions! All of these so far are from Omega Star at Cupcakes Taste Like Violence. I will try to keep up to date as new conversions are released!

Benches, Love-seats and sofas

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Mad about Madaya!!

This post was originally going to be two separate posts, one about my favourite windows from TSR and the other about Madaya74‘s wonderful caravan build set, but then I realised that most of my favourite windows we in fact made by Madaya too so I have combined them into ‘Mad about Madaya!!’ You can click the photos below to be taken to the download page.

I will start with the wonderful Casement windows sets. They go so well with almost any style of house, I just love them! Set one is closed windows and set two contains open versions. There is also an extra set which contains windowsills to fit with the different height windows!

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