Sims 3 Showtime Preview Information!

Once again I was invited to go to a preview event for a Sims expansion pack. We weren’t allowed to take screen shots of our own (booooo :() so I only have some from an asset disc along with a video which you will be able to see here once it has finished uploading! Read on for more info and screen-shots 😀

We were given a demo by Sims 3 producer Mike Cox, he showed us a few things about the game and the new town before we went off to play. He also showed us the new social features. There is no IM style chat feature coming but you can make posts which others can comment on (like Facebook). There are also a load of new achievements to gain (only for the Base game and showtime at the moment but they may add achievements for other expansion packs). We couldn’t test Simport as they couldn’t get it set up 😦 But it seems you can throw anything which is in your sim’s inventory at a performing sim or if their inventory is empty you can buy a selection of items from the pie menu 🙂 A tour lasts about 12 real minutes (just under 1 day game time). You can only have 1 sim touring to 1 friend at a time and you can also send your sims off on tour, close down your game and computer and when you play again they will have returned with any money and items they earned while on tour!

There is a new Banana tree plant!! I was a bit disappointed that when sims eat it they eat skin and all…a new banana peeling animation would have been nice 😦 I also saw Singer and Magician magic gnomes….didn’t see on for acrobats though. There is also a new death for magicians involving a trick gone wrong 😉

The new careers (as you probably know) are Magician, Singer and Acrobat. They all come under professions and give you open work hours. You can also moonlight as a DJ 🙂 In the new professions you unlock some props for your sim’s stage by levelling up in the career, others are available through a new props category in Buy Mode. I also tried a few of the new items including: DJ booth (can be carried in inventory and placed anywhere), MP3 Player, Bull Ride, Driving range, Karaoke machine and Chin Up bars. There are other new items in most areas of buy mode including a stack of newspapers chair, a pretzel sofa, a stack of pancakes chair and a top hat chair! For fellow builders there are some new items in build mode too (I forget how many, 4/5 windows at least and some doors)

Now we come to my favourite discovery! There is a new lifetime reward called ‘Dusty Old Lamp’ It will set you back 30,000 points and your sims will gain a little old lamp in their inventory. There is an interaction to clean the lamp which will make a Genie appear!! 😀 You can make wishes using the Genie and also once your relationship with it is high enough you can make a wish to free it (this will add it to your household) I tried freeing a genie and these are the steps you have to take once you have made the wish: First you have to freeze the lamp by clicking on the nearest fridge, then the genie will tell you to heat the lamp up which you do by using the oven, then you have to take the lamp and explore the catacombs in the mausoleum at the local graveyard (there is a new rabbit hole mausoleum for the showtime town), after that you have to summon the Genie again and he will be added to your household! Once your Genie has been added to the household it will have some special interactions. It can ‘Banish’ a sim which will just send them off to a different lot. It can also spawn perfect dishes of any food apart from Ambrosia (I assume this will include food from WA holiday destinations too). I was also informed by Mike that at one of the other preview events a fan had managed to have babies with the Genie. Unfortunately as we were only playing an early release of the game on laptops (and not gaming laptops :() my game crashed just after I had added the Genie to my household so I wasn’t able to test much more out 😦 I have to thank BlackGarden from Platinum Simmers  for confirming this information for me 🙂

I hope that I have managed to give you some new information. When I went I wasn’t planning to write-up a big post on the game so I didn’t take many notes so if you have any questions please ask!

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16 responses to “Sims 3 Showtime Preview Information!

  1. Wow this sounds great. Excited about the genie 😀 Thanks for the info Ducky!

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  7. Our article is up now, too – you can read it here:

    You missed one on the genie things – the genie can magically make anyone squeaky clean, and they get a special moodlet from being so clean 🙂

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  13. Sounds awesome about the genie!

    How does he/she emerge from the lamp after it is rubbed?

  14. im just wondering if they are ever gonna bring back the “slow dancing” option when dancing or is it in this game? I have yet to see anything on that

  15. i have a genie living in my house and my other sim had a baby with her then before i know it she gave birth and had another one shortly after but took some time one of the babys looked like a marble cake and is black and white ?? and the other baby is invisible help its confusing oh and the genie runs around naked and i can see her bits and also gains weight really quickly????????????????????????????????????????????????

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