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Sims Medieval Skins converted to Sims 3

The Sims Medieval skins have been converted to Sims 3 by Araenna at Garden of Shadows for Teen to Adult sims!! There is a choice of a default and non-default package.

Medieval Skins Converted

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More Sims Medieval objects converted to Sims 3

Omega Star has converted a few more Medieval objects to deco or small toys for Sims 3.

Bassinets – Deco Only

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More Sims Medieval to Sims 3 Male hair conversions

Three more Medieval hairs converted by Anubis to sims 3 for male teen to elder sims!!


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Sims Medieval to Sims 3 Male Hair Conversion

Just one conversion to post now, a male hair converted by My Blue Book.


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Manually un-installing Sims 3

I was trying to do a fresh install of Sims 3 on my sisters laptop earlier but after un-installing World Adventures the computer still thought it was installed. Because of this whenever I tried to start the installer it automatically decided to try un-installing World Adventures again! After asking around for help I discovered that there were instructions for manually un-installing your games. It turns out that my problem was the un-installer was removing the program but not removing the un-installer file once it had finished. Hopefully EA have fixed this now, it can’t be that difficult to get the un-installer to delete itself when it is finished! I thought I would post the information I found here, partly as a reference for myself, but also as I hope it will help anyone else who runs into this annoying problem!

Sorry in advance for the essay length of this post! All the information here is taken from EA support pages apart from Outdoor Living which I  found on the forums (as there doesn’t seem to be a manual removal help page for that yet!) Please be careful when following these tutorials, they are pretty simple but even the easiest of things can go wrong so when it tells you to back things up you might want to listen!! Continue reading

Sims Medieval to Sims 2 Object conversion

Just found this conversion for Sims 2 by Clutter-a-holic.

Sims Medieval Tables



Sims Medieval to Sims 3 Object Conversions

So I thought I would share my Sims Medieval conversion finds on my own blog (they have already been published by SimPrograms). Now onto object conversions! All of these so far are from Omega Star at Cupcakes Taste Like Violence. I will try to keep up to date as new conversions are released!

Benches, Love-seats and sofas

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