What do you look for in a custom world?

I’m starting to re-learn Create-a-World and I was wanting to get some input from people on what they look for in a custom world. These are some of the ideas of the type of things I would like to know:

  • What terrain you would like (flat, mountains, island ect…)
  • What terrain style (desert island, stony, grassy ect…)
  • What type of lots you would like (other than rabbit holes) and how many (e.g. number of residential lots, open spaces, hidden lots) and what range of sizes (e.g. 6x 20×30 or 30×30, 2x 64×64, 7x 40×40, 4x 20×20 ect…)
  • General type of world (city, farming community, historic community ect…)
  • Size of the world
  • Population density (All sims living in 1 area or spread out evenly over the whole map)

I’d love to hear any more ideas that you have as well and I’d really appreciate it if you would help!! You can comment on here, message me on Facebook or e-mail me (duckeggpiesims@gmail.com) your ideas!!

I’m planning on pre-populating the world so I will probably be asking for input on the families for the world when it is nearer to being finished. I’ll probably also be looking for testers later on so let me know if you would be interested!!


4 responses to “What do you look for in a custom world?

  1. I would love a flattish lot, with room to place plenty of houses, a community world and a desert world oh and some of your wonderful starter homes and modern homes i love 😀 hope thats not to much hehe

  2. Hey there, stumbled upon your blog while looking for info about the upcoming Generations EP!

    I’m not sure whether this is possible, but I’ve been thinking about a sort of perma-winter land, covered in snow and with mountainous areas. I’m also always looking for anything medieval-themed! Pretty much any custom world that has a distinct personality. 🙂

  3. I like lakes in my worlds, and prefer grass. I also really enjoy large worlds. I’m open for testing! You can send me a comment on my Sims 3 userpage: http://www.thesims3.com/mypage/blueplumbbob

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