Sims 3 Generations Event Information!

I don’t think that I have much new information to give after everything which has been released since last week but here is an assortment information for you all! There should also be a page with a sideshow of all my screen shots published at the same time as this post and I will be publishing an album on photobucket later too.

I mainly played with the chemistry set and invisible friend but I did try to play with some of the other new features too!

Chemistry set:

The chemistry set helps your sim develop the logic skill. The first interaction you get on it is to ‘Discover Potions’. Once you have discovered a potion you get a new interaction to ‘Make Potion’ which will bring up a list of all the potions your sim knows for you to choose from. The potions range in cost between $3 and $3750.

Here is a list of all the potions you can make and what I have discovered that they can do:

  • Mood Enhancer $3 – Enhances your mood
  • Stink Juice $7 – For pranks!
  • Liquid horror $15 – I didn’t use it but I assume it makes the sim it is used on frightened.
  • Radical Reparum $37 – As far as I could tell this improves your handiness skill for a few hours.
  • Bladder Flow $56 – Makes your sim need the toilet!
  • Sleeping Elixir $67 – I didn’t use it but I guess it has either a positive or negative effect on your sims energy levels.
  • Ghost Potion $93 – Turns your sim into a ghost for 3 hours (They will behave exactly like a ghost for this time)
  • Ninja Vanish $187 – Teleports your sim back to their home lot. Very good for escaping when you have just pulled a prank on someone!
  • Imaginary Friend Metamorphium $3,375 – It the relationship score is high enough, your sims can give this to their imaginary friend to turn them into a real sim.
  • Young Again $3,750 – I gave this potion to my elder sim and he aged backwards to the start of the Young Adult life stage! I’m not sure if this means it puts your sim back a certain number of days in age or a certain number of life stages or if it always puts them back to young adult.
Invisible friend:
When your sims have a baby they might get a doll delivered to them in the mail. You can name the doll in the same way as you would name the bear from the base game. If your young sim plays with this doll enough they will start to develop a relationship with it and if the become close enough to it then the doll may become real once they are a child. I had my toddler playing with his doll almost constantly for about 4 sim days and then was told that it was going to become real!
When your invisible friend becomes real, only the sim who created it can see it! Other sims will just see your sim talking to/playing with thin air! As you will have seen from the list of potions from above, you can make your sim’s invisible friend real! Any sim can make the potion but only the sim who has the invisible friend can deliver it. You have to have a very high relationship level with your invisible friend before you can offer them the potion.
When your invisible friend becomes real their gender will be chosen according to whether you gave them a boy’s name or a girl’s name. When my sim’s friend became real it became a girl of the same age as my sim. Once the invisible friend has been made real you can swap between them looking like a real sim or looking like the doll. I didn’t have chance to test this but I have heard that when your sim becomes a teenager they can become romantically involved with their invisible friend!!
Other bits:
  • Your sims can woo hoo in their kid’s treehouse! Careful though or they might get a splinter with a negative moodlet!!
  • Child sims can ‘Joyride’ on chairs. When they do this they just pretend that they are driving!
  • Your teenage sims can ask their parents to teach them to drive! There are 3 levels in the driving skill and once they maximise it they will receive a certificate! When they are learning they don’t drive very well, there is a lot of stopping and starting. If they aren’t getting on very well their parent may decide to kick them out of the car to walk home! (The picture of the blue van is a sim learning to drive, the blue van is from buydebug)
  • Your sims can run their own daycare center. This career works in the same way as the careers in Ambitions. Parents from around the neighbourhood will drop their toddlers off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Your general aim is to keep the children as happy as possible! Once you get to a certain level in the career you will start having children over for after school care and you will start getting ‘difficult’ children who like to misbehave!
  • When your sim is an Elder they can choose to use a cane. There are 3 canes and 2 styles of walking. One is southern gentleman style and the other is more like an old man style of walking. If they are left standing still they may start twirling their cane!
  • Your sims can give each other gifts. Just select the ‘Gift’ interaction and a list of gift able items will appear!
  • There are categories in build/buy mode to filter content from different expansion and stuff packs.
  • Your sims can tell scary stories. Sometimes if a child has been told a scary story they will wake up in the night with a nightmare!
  • Parents can send their Children and Teenagers to boarding school. The child will disappear from the household until they age up. When they return, if they are a teenager you can send them off to boarding school again or if they are a young adult you can send them to the city hall for a graduation ceremony! Sims who have been to boarding schools will have special interactions with others who have been to the same school as them.
  • There is a new interaction with toddlers called ‘The Claw’ (If you have seen Liar Liar you will know what this is, if not it is basically tickling the toddler)
  • In the options you can now set the length of each life stage individually. For example you could have: Baby-2 days, Toddler-4 days, Child-8 days, Teen-14 days, Young Adult-30 days, Adult-30 days, Elder-20 days for a life span of 108 days.
  • Your sims can now have body hair. It is added in the same way as tattoos (Select a general body area then there are several more specific options within that area). They can even have hairy feet!!


22 responses to “Sims 3 Generations Event Information!

  1. Rachael Evans ッ

    I cant wait for generations! Im sooo excited! Thankyou for all the info ducke!:))

  2. Woooo!! Awesomeness!! I think this EP looks like the best yet.

    Thanks so much for sharing 😀


  3. Awesome. Lots of great information.

  4. Awesome report! Thank you! 🙂

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  11. I’m curious about one thing. You said when an imaginary friend becomes real, the gender is decided based on if it’s a male or female name. Is there a way of specifying that the name you enter is supposed to be male or female? I mean, lots of names nowadays are used for boys and girls, then there’s the non-traditional names, foreign names, etc. so how would the name know if it’s supposed to be a boy’s name or a girl’s name?

    • There are 2 options to give it either a girls or boys name. It gives you a randomly generated name for each option (like with the teddy bear from the base game)

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  14. I saw the teaset at Youtube.., Omg cant waitt for it!! Too bad my lappy may not be able to install more of the sims EP,:(

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  16. sounds great, getting it this weekend

  17. wow!i cant wait until my birthday-thats when i am getting it.
    the only problem for me is that i have searched everywhere but havnt found the answer, my question is mainly what new sim items do you get like for instance what new hairstyles and outfits, and do you get a new town? do you get any new locations?or new familys?
    thanks to whoever answers this question:)

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  19. in order to have generation does that mean you have to have sims 3 before that? or are they both separate games.

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