Where have I been?

I’ve been bad at posting recently! I’ve been distracted by several things. Interested? Read on to find out what!

Thing 1:

I’m on the staff for a sims magazine called VSims and I have been mega busy with the pile of assignments I had to do for the second issue! Luckily my workload this month is lighter! You can find out more about the magazine on the official thread on the sims 3 forum (here) You can also read the first issue here

Thing 2:

I have been attempting to learn to mesh! Nothing much to show for it at the moment but there is an album on Facebook where I have been posting my attempts (here) if you want a laugh!

Thing 3:

Sims Medieval! I played almost solidly for 5 days but now I’m having a break from it! If you want more useful tips ect for Medieval come and join Sims of the Round Table

Here are a few screen shots from my game!

Becoming a Monarch:

And then a knight:

Feeding the Pit Beast:

Fighting with a priest!:

Doing time in the stocks:

Sweeping the floors:

Enjoying pregnancy:

Beating the pit beast:

Thing 4:

In my break from Sims Medieval I have got re-addicted to playing (yes…actually playing!) Sims 3! I’ve started a family from scratch and I am now on sims week 8 of playing them! I won’t clutter up this post by putting masses of pictures (I will add some in other posts) but here are a few!

Hot tubbing with Sam and Samantha Green:

The House (after several major space upgrades for the kids and hobbies! There are also 2 levels of basement.):

Sam is my first ever level 10 mixologist, his LTW wish to have a bottomless nectar cellar which he got pretty easily. He now has almost 700 bottles of nectar stored in his cellar!:

I grew some candles on my omni plant!:

I just want to give some credit here. Sam was made by Buttonsginger as a look-alike for Jenson Button. You can download him here if you want (please recommend if you do download him!)

So now you know where I have been! I will try to be a bit better at posting now! Hopefully you should see some posts coming with more on the Green family plus some new posts about custom content!


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