Meet the Greens

So I thought I would write a little post introducing the Green family who I am playing at the moment! All the photos are up to date for where they are today. A couple of thing to point out before I start otherwise you might get confused. I am playing with a mod which allows more than 5 traits and one which unlocks hidden traits as well as a large assortment of Twallan’s Nraas Mods (Plus more, please ask if you would like to know what the others are!) They live in Riverblossom Hills (a custom world by kiwi_tea on MTS)

I’ll start off with Samantha. She is the original family founder made in CAS. Her randomly assigned traits are Good sense of humor, flirty, vegetarian, handy, eco-friendly, french culture and snob. Her lifetime wish is to be a creature-robot cross breeder (Science career L9) and she is currently at L8. So far she has got to L10 in several skills (athletic, cooking, fishing, gardening and handiness) and is getting towards the top of several more. She has just become an adult.

Next is Sam. He is based on a sim made for me ages ago by Buttonsginger. His traits are: good sense of humor, vehicle enthusiast, family oriented, daredevil, eco-friendly, green thumb and immune to fire. Hi has fulfilled his lifetime wish which was to have a bottomless nectar cellar and is now working on maintaining his perfect garden and expanding his nectar collection. He is a self-employed nectar maker (although his isn’t very high up the career as he stores most of his nectar). He is at L10 of the athletic, cooking, gardening, mixology, martial arts and nectar making skills and is well on the way to the top of several other skills. He also has a L3 Visa for France and a L1 Visa for Egypt. He is quite an experienced adventurer and has completed a large number of tombs including all of estatica’s tombs from TSR. He has also just become an adult.

Kate is Sam and Samantha’s daughter . She has just become a young adult. Her traits are: genius, virtuoso, bookworm, hydrophobic, French culture, artistic and green thumb. Her lifetime wish is to be an illustrious author (L10 Painting and Writing skill). She is already a successful author at L10 of the writing skill and has published 25 books, earning herself over $60,000. She is working as a self-employed writer and has almost reached the top of the career. She is very close to L10 in her painting skill as well. Once she has fulfilled her lifetime wish she is going to work on other creative skills such as sculpting and musical instruments and help her father with his garden.

Joseph is Sam and Samantha’s eldest son, he is Kate’s twin brother and has also just become a young adult. He loves the outdoors, is a virtuoso and a rocker, is hydrophobic (the same as his sister), artistic, charismatic and a bit of a flirt. His lifetime wish is to be a renaissance sim and maximise three skills. He has already reached L10 in the fishing and logic skills and is working on his athletic, charisma and painting skills. He is currently unemployed as he hasn’t decided what he wants to do in life but it will probably involve putting all his knowledge of skills to good use.

Finally we have Adrian, the baby of the family (at the moment). He is almost a teenager (as he keeps pointing out to everyone!) and he is brave, adventurous, athletic and a genius. He has already decided that he wants to become an Astronaut so he is working hard on improving his fitness. He loves studying and spent a lot of time when he was a toddler reading books and exploring his toys. He has also been teaching himself how to cook (he has quite a successful bakery stall) and Joseph has been teaching him how to play chess.


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