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What do you look for in a custom world?

I’m starting to re-learn Create-a-World and I was wanting to get some input from people on what they look for in a custom world. These are some of the ideas of the type of things I would like to know:

  • What terrain you would like (flat, mountains, island ect…)
  • What terrain style (desert island, stony, grassy ect…)
  • What type of lots you would like (other than rabbit holes) and how many (e.g. number of residential lots, open spaces, hidden lots) and what range of sizes (e.g. 6x 20×30 or 30×30, 2x 64×64, 7x 40×40, 4x 20×20 ect…)
  • General type of world (city, farming community, historic community ect…)
  • Size of the world
  • Population density (All sims living in 1 area or spread out evenly over the whole map)

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Sims 3 Generations Event Information!

I don’t think that I have much new information to give after everything which has been released since last week but here is an assortment information for you all! There should also be a page with a sideshow of all my screen shots published at the same time as this post and I will be publishing an album on photobucket later too.

I mainly played with the chemistry set and invisible friend but I did try to play with some of the other new features too!

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Sims Medieval kid’s objects converted to Sims 3

Omega Star has converted a couple more Sims Medieval objects for Sims 3. There is a doll using the mesh of a Medieval baby to put in the converted Medieval crib and a teddy bear which can be used in the same way as the bear from the base game.

Doll and teddy bear

Sims Medieval to Sims 3 Gown Conversions

Sims Rooms has a few dress conversions from Sims Medieval to Sims 3.

Sims Rooms Clothing

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New feature in Sims 3!!!

I’ve just discovered this new feature in Sims 3!!! Sim bears!!!


Sims 3 Generations preview day goodies!!

As some of you will know I was in London today at the Sims Generations preview!! I’m not allowed to say anything about the game until next Tuesday (19-4-11) at 1300GMT but I will have a blog post with many screen shots scheduled for release then!! I just thought I would share a picture of the lovely goodies I got given today! There is a T-shirt, bag, notebook, pen, badge, plumbob headband and plumbob memory stick!!

VSims Magazine Issue 2!

Issue 2 of VSims magazine has now been released! Have a look and leave a comment here or on the forum to let us all know what you think!

VSims Issue 2

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