Mad about Madaya!!

This post was originally going to be two separate posts, one about my favourite windows from TSR and the other about Madaya74‘s wonderful caravan build set, but then I realised that most of my favourite windows we in fact made by Madaya too so I have combined them into ‘Mad about Madaya!!’ You can click the photos below to be taken to the download page.

I will start with the wonderful Casement windows sets. They go so well with almost any style of house, I just love them! Set one is closed windows and set two contains open versions. There is also an extra set which contains windowsills to fit with the different height windows!

The other windows I want to share with you are the classical windows. These are beautiful plain windows but also included in the first set are some separate window pediments which are fantastic! The second set includes a couple more windows and a door to match.

The other thing I wanted to share was Madaya’s wonderful Caravan build sets! There are several sets for different rooms and a construction set for getting the exterior of the caravan looking like a caravan! There was even a fully made lot with a caravan on released at the end of the sets!

That is all I want to share with you for now. Don’t forget to check out Madaya’s other downloads and the other downloads available on TSR!!


One response to “Mad about Madaya!!

  1. Oh yeah – this is great. I adore Madaya too. She makes awesome stuff

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