Vivian Bridgeworth

So I thought I would start off my updates with the first sim I ever uploaded way back in August 2009!!Her name is Vivian Bridgeworth and I created her to be the founder of my first ever legacy! She was a pretty good legacy founder, I managed to get her legacy to the 4th Generation but then I lost my save game. Her traits are: Angler, Green Thumb, Kleptomaniac, Loves Outdoors and Natural Cook. Her lifetime wish is to be a Culinary Librarian. Her favourite food is Sushi, she likes Indie music and her favourite colour is Spiceberry.

Having the green thumb and loves outdoors traits made it easy for her to develop a huge garden full of perfect plants which were very useful for boosting the household funds through the first generation of the legacy. The kleptomaniac trait was fun, she kept turning up at home with odd bits and pieces which she had stolen from all sorts of places. It was especially useful early on as she could ‘acquire’ some pretty nice objects from her rich neighbours houses!! The combination of angler, green thumb, loves outdoors and natural cook could come in useful too if you want a sim in your family who will be able to learn the recipe for and make ambrosia easily.

Free to download on The Sims Resource


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