Anyone up for a challenge??

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while ūüėÄ Hope you enjoy it!!!
Download the challenge lot here. Checked and Bad CC and Doll free!
This is Garth Lewis, he is a middle-aged geek who still lives with his mother (I know, such a stereotype!) He is a computer whiz, genius, un-flirty, loner and a looser. On the plus side he is good at logic, very handy and a decent cook. He is also a complete mummy’s boy. He wants to be a creature-robot¬†cross breeder but he just doesn’t seem to be able to get promoted as he spends too much time on the computer to be able to develop the skills he needs (sometimes he even skips work to spend whole days playing computer games).
This is Garth’s mother Edna. Her husband was killed in a fire when Garth was a baby and since then she has never been quite ‘right’. She used to be the most popular woman in town thanks to her friendly nature and her excellent cooking and gardening skills but since the fire she has been acting¬†strangely and her ‘friends’ have slowly deserted her.¬†She is neat, easily impressed, family orientated, a¬†technophobe¬†and (you guessed it) Insane. She dreamed of having loads of children but since the fire her wish has not been possible.
So there you have the Lewis family. They live at 55 Water Lily Lane in Sunset Valley.
Garth isn’t exactly what most of the women in SS Valley would think of as an ideal husband. He still lives with his mother, he isn’t¬†successful¬†and he loves his computer more than he should. He isn’t exactly the romantic type and tends to avoid talking to people (unless he can do it online). Despite this, he feels bad that his mother had to give up her dream of a large family and wants to make it up to her.

Now for the challenge:
  • Fulfil Garth’s Lifetime wish (level 9 in the Science career)¬†before Edna dies.
  • Find Garth a woman.
  • Get Garth married.
  • Garth must have at least 3 children before Edna dies.
  • Have Garth complete all the upgrades he has started around the house.


  • Garth can only use the business as usual or relax in specimen closet options while at work.
  • Garth can only meet his future bride on the internet and must be at least Good Friends with her before meeting face-to-face for the first time. She must also be single as Garth isn’t the kind of man who would break up a relationship.
  • Garth must be married before his first child is¬†conceived¬†as his mother is very traditional and would not approve of a grandchild being¬†conceived¬†outside of marriage.
  • The children do not have to be single births, you can have twins/triplets if you want. They must all be blood relatives of Garth (adopted children or his wife’s existing children do not count although they are allowed as well as the other children)
  • Garth must spend at least 4 hours a day playing computer or video games.
  • Garth can earn extra money by hacking or solving the unsolvable.
  • Garth cannot gain more than 1 skill point per day as the¬†amount¬†of time he spends on the computer make it impossible for him to learn anything quickly.
  • The family must stay living in the same house. You may extend it but it must be decorated in a similar style as the existing house.
  • Edna must stay living with Garth until she dies.
  • Once Edna had died the challenge is over.
Other Rules:
  • No life fruits/death flowers.
  • You can play on any life¬†length¬†you like, I have played on normal (90 days) but please have¬†ageing¬†turned on!
  • If you use hacks, cheats or play on a longer life expectancy please say that you have! (There is nothing wrong with it.)
  • Feel free to recreate the family if you want. If you do so bear in mind that you will loose the skills I have given them for the start which will probably make it more difficult to complete the challenge.

Please give me some feedback on this. Was it too easy or too hard? Were there too many goals and¬†limitations? What could I do to make it more fun to play? Thanks ūüėÄ

3 responses to “Anyone up for a challenge??

  1. i download the challenge ,i found alot bugs with it ,one had his mom standing up in acar while driving and when i reach the goal 5 kids the game crashed ,i noticed there alot of mods in it . not from the game or the store i just wanted to tell you that ducky

    • Thanks, I’ll check it out! It was made a long time ago so I’m not really sure what is in it now!

    • I’ve checked it out with Delphy’s CUSTARD tool and there was no bad CC…I have removed the 2 bits which showed up in CUSTARD. There shouldn’t be any problems caused by this sims3pack as it is now just store and game content and I’m not sure why there would have been any problems caused by it before.

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