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More Figg Family Pics!!!

I just found some more screens of the Figg family while looking through my screens 😀
Sorry they aren’t in any specific order really and that there is no story…they are pretty self-explanatory though 😀 I just thought I would post them quickly as I found them 🙂


Moving On…

James tried to teach Louis to talk…I don’t think he enjoyed it too much!!
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Death and Birthdays…

Right…the general story is that Bob’s mother died 😦
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Sad News :(

I have a sad announcement to make…the Figg family have gone 😦
I had a bit of a problem a while ago and I discovered a little while ago that the Figg family save game has disappeared 😦
I have a few more screens which I have had sat as draft posts for a while. I will try to remember as much of the story as I can and will post them in a bit.
I’m hoping to start using this blog more again to post stories and other bits on 😀