Birthdays Galore…

Arabella had sent James out to buy some groceries. While he was walking across the park the time came for his birthday and he turned into an adult. He went and finished up the shopping and headed back home again.
While James was out, Arabella had started having contractions. The were getting closer together and she was hoping James would be home soon to witness the birth.
As soon as James came in the door he heard his wife screaming in the living room. He ran straight in and started panicking! All of what Arabella had told him about the stages of labour and what to do had suddenly left his mind.
“Well…aren’t you going to do something?!?!?!?”
Luckily Arabella managed to sort most things by shouting orders at James and he was to shocked at what was happening to question.
After a lot more screaming and pushing Arabella gave birth to her baby. A little boy called Louis. Because Arabella had a fantastic pregnancy she could choose his traits.
She loved him instantly and you could see from the way they looked at each other that they would be very close forever.

After feeding Louis and cuddling him for a while Arabella took him up to his new bedroom which had been finished only a couple of days earlier.
The following day it was Arabella’s turn to have her birthday. James invited family and close friends to a small party to celebrate Louis’s birth and Arabella’s birthday.

I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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