Lola grows up…

Lola’s birthday finally arrives! She grows up without any fuss. She didn’t want a big party like her parents wanted her to have.
After she was done ageing up she quickly heads to the drawers to get out the new outfit her parents brought her as a present.
She then promptly heads back to writing her novel.
A couple of days later she finally plucks up the courage to call Bob Newbie over. She isn’t sure if he married Anita or not but she decides she has to tell Bob how she feels.
It turns out that Bob and Anita’s relationship wasn’t going to well so, once he has heard how Lola feels, Bob is more than happy to end it. He tells her that he has always secretly loved her and asks if she would like to meet up for a date.
Lola agrees and Bob and her share their first kiss as adults. You can see what Lola is thinking but Bob wants to take the relationship a bit more slowly to give Anita some time to adjust. They decide that the will wait a few days before making their relationship public knowledge.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Sorry if it sounds a bit strange, it has been almost two months since I last played with the Figgs and it is a bit of a struggle to remember what was going on!! I will try to get some more of the story written up and posted ASAP!!

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