An exciting development…

Well…the money has been saved, the extension has been built and Arabella and James are expecting their next child!!! Of course, nothing will stop Arabella from getting on with her gardening. Fresh air is meant to be good for you!
Also she has to find some way to work off all the calories from eating all the grilled cheese she has been craving.
Despite being banned from practising martial arts by the game, she is still managing to exercise regularly.
Which is a very good thing given the amount of grilled cheese she is eating (seriously…if this was Sims 2 she would have developed the Grilled Cheese aspiration by now)
Even after all the gardening, eating, exercising and eating she still has time to relax and enjoy her pregnancy. All that is left to do now is wait and see what comes out (boy/girl/llama) and how many there are.

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