First Love…

More news from the Figgs…

It seems that Lola has found her first love interest…Bob Newbie (Not the fat, bald Sims 1 Bob, the new teenage Sims 3 Bob!) Awwww….aren’t they sweet. Unfortunately for Lola Bob already has a girlfriend 😦 Even worse, she is one of Lola’s best friends, Anita.
Luckily Lola and Bob both manage to forget this for long enough to share their first kiss…
Thanks to the wonderful open neighbourhood design of Sims 3 and the fact that I have ageing and story progression on, the next time Bob is invited over he has aged up and is a young adult which has currently ended his and Lola’s romantic relationship. We will just have to hope that Lola ages up soon enough to get together with Bob again before he decides to marry Anita!! Until then Lola is working on staying as friendly with Bob as she can.
Elsewhere in the Figg household, Arabella has taken up martial arts after being persuaded into it by James.
She has got quite good at it as you can see. Maybe her and James will go to China together for the contest.
She has also managed to grow fish on her new Omni plant (the fish which were fed to it were caught by James who has now taken up fishing). I laughed for ages after taking this screen shot, it looks so strange.

Hope you enjoyed reading more about the Figgs. As with the last posts, please feel free to leave comments or questions!! I will post some more soon 🙂

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